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Deep learning-powered speech and pronunciation assessment of pronunciation, fluency, and grammar.
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Why SpeechSuper
Detailed Scoring
SpeechSuper API scores paragraphs, sentences, words, phonemes, and tones. It also scores pronunciation, fluency, and completeness for spoken sentences and paragraphs.
Syllable Stress
SpeechSuper API detects whether the user laid the stress on the right syllable. It is useful for users speaking non-syllabic languages as their first language.
Mispronunciation Diagnosis
SpeechSuper API diagnoses what phonemes users say so that products can give instructions for mispronunciation correction.
Customized Scoring
SpeechSuper API supports scoring for children, young adolescents, and adults; customizing pronunciation for specific words; returning scores at different grading scales and decimal places. The scoring strictness is flexible based on your needs.
Closed-Ended Assessment
We support word-level, sentence-level, and paragraph-level closed-end assessments. It’s useful for prompted read-aloud speaking activities and practice.
Semi-Open-Ended Assessment
Semi-open-ended assessment needs multiple reference texts to give scores. It also supports scoring with key points. We’re now working towards an open-ended assessment API.
Support for Accents
SpeechSuper API supports American, British, and Australian English. It is not biased toward any accents and supports specifying a particular accent to score.
Phoneme Spelling Alignment
Reading paragraphs could be boring. SpeechSuper API’s real-time feedback can make the experience interactive and engaging. It can light up the words users just read to behave like Karaoke.
How it Works
API input
  • Choose the language and word assessment / sentence assessment / paragraph assessment API.
  • Send reference text and audio to API.
API output
What We Served
10 B+
API requests
100 +
Business customers
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Available in English, Mandarin Chinese, German, French, Korean, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.
Word Assessment
$0.004 /request
Audio Length
up to 20s
Sentence Assessment
$0.006 /request
Audio Length
up to 90s
less than 200 words per request
Paragraph Assessment
$0.008 /request
Audio Length
up to 300s
less than 1K words per request
Use 1M requests, get 50K requests for free.
Use 5M requests, get 500K requests for free.